Cost-effective assembly monitoring: Marquis supports production workers and takes advantage of AI to simplify quality control

Diverse challenges have to be faced in industrial production processes, including both prototyping and semiautomated serial production. The solution for mastering them is Marquis, which guides workers through the sequence of steps involved in assembly while also performing quality control. This lets users avoid costly mistakes and downtimes.

Visual inspection during the ongoing production process: the Marquis assembly workplace guides workers while performing the steps involved in production, calls attention to incorrectly installed components, and helps workers assemble products correctly. By capturing each individual work step, the system can also eliminate the need for additional documentation. This Fraunhofer solution comprehensively reduces the effort involved in quality control by photographically documenting the work, with or without an additional field for entering comments.


Quality control with three-dimensional data

Marquis combines artificial intelligence (AI) with augmented reality (AR). As an add-on solution for industry, it can be directly embedded in production processes. Depending on the requirements in each case, it can be deeply integrated in a client's system. Marquis doesn't need to be trained on real photographs. Instead, this is accomplished with computer-generated images based on CAD models, thus enormously reducing the lead time. This makes Marquis quite cost-effective, also with small lots. Particularly relevant when assembling prototypes and equipment is the fact that training data is already available before the first component is produced.


Cost-effective monitoring of assembly

Marquis uses four cameras focused on the work area. They detect the various components involved. A lateral screen outputs AR to indicate if a component has been incorrectly selected or installed. In this way, the solution speeds up learning by the workers, while also making the assembly processes more cost-effective.

In addition to novel AI-based detection of objects, the Fraunhofer solution (among other things) takes advantage of advanced tracking algorithms that are already being used In the automotive industry. These were also developed at Fraunhofer IGD. Now they are being managed and marketed by a spinoff, Visometry GmbH. Marquis goes a crucial step further by providing automated quality control and intuitive assembly assistance.

Technology demonstration in video

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