CareCam - optical vital data analysis through simple cameras

With CareCam, optical vital data analysis is made possible by simple cameras. Pulse rate, emotions or stress are detected from minimal color changes of the skin during heartbeat as well as eye blinks or facial expressions. The use at the office workplace or as an element of telemedicine is intended.


Health tips from your own computer

Anyone who works primarily at a PC is familiar with this: neck pain or burning eyes. If a particularly stressful situation is added to this, vital parameters such as heartbeat or breathing also change. To prevent stress from leading to permanent health problems, early recognition of these signs is particularly important as part of occupational health management. This is what the CareCam software does: using artificial intelligence, it evaluates posture and vital data and suggests relaxation measures. All it needs is a standard webcam. This makes CareCam an intelligent, personal health assistant in the workplace.

Which parameters does CareCam record?

  • Heart rate: The camera sensor measures light absorption by the skin tissue and determines the heart rate based on the slight changes of hue on the forehead and cheeks.
  • Heart rate variability: The fluctuations in duration between successive heartbeats allow conclusions to be drawn as to whether stress is present and recuperative action is advisable.
  • Blink rate: Intensive screen work can lead to dry eye syndrome, which causes the blink rate to reduce.
  • Body posture: While compensating for unfavorable camera angles, CareCam records the 3D position of the body and flags up unhealthy postures.
  • Distance to the camera: The distance of the computer user from the screen allows conclusions to be drawn about workplace ergonomics.
  • Recognition of facial expressions: Changes in the user’s facial expression allow conclusions to be drawn about his or her emotional state and serve as the basis for even more targeted interventions.

What is the "CareCam" all about? Our employee Dimitri Kraft explains it (German only)

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