Online Event  /  June 22, 2022, 09:00 - 10:00 CEST

Governing the oceans of tomorrow: How ocean monitoring delivers on the blue arm of the Green Deal

You are invited to the first ISSS Talking Blue Sustainability event, organised by Fraunhofer, TNO and CoLAB +Atlantic. Join our discussion on the challenges and benefits of ocean monitoring to deliver on the blue arm of the Green Deal!

Our oceans, seas and coastal areas face tremendous challenges caused by the climate crisis, environmental pollution, and ecological pressures. At the same time, they play a crucial role in raw material extraction, climate mitigation and adaptation, energy supply and our well-being. Ocean monitoring enables us to create knowledge on the state of the ocean and and base political decisions on reliable data..

This event will gather ISSS researchers, who elaborate on the challenges in the ocean environment caused by human activities and the benefits of innovative ocean monitoring technologies for evidence-based policy making. These innovative solutions enable us to work with sparse data and to create knowledge on the state of the ocean. Further technological development and the transfer of the respective research results will generate actionable recommendations and implement impactful solutions to act for the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the oceans.

We are delighted to welcome MEP Rasmus Andresen, who will talk about the relevance of research and innovation for evidence-based policymaking for the oceans of tomorrow.