Smart ambient assisted living with Clou

uCORE Systems GmbH

uCORE Systems was established in January 2022. Its first product is Clou, a controller for smart-living environments. Clou is a combination of hardware and software, and enhances smart-home and other automation systems by adding unique situation-recognition capabilities. Co-founder Saied Tazari developed the technological basis for the solution at Fraunhofer IGD over the last 15 years. Clou is based on universAAL-IoT, a proven, open-source platform that allows the seamless interoperability of diverse IoT devices, services and applications.  Clou recognizes situations, including emergencies, and analyzes them before initiating predefined actions—such as calling an emergency number when someone in care has had a fall. The four co-founders have a shared vision: They wish to revolutionize the smart home market by focusing on the needs of an aging society. The uCORE Systems team is convinced that the provision of reliable care to the elderly outside of dedicated residential facilities is only possible with the right technology. Advanced assistance systems allow people to remain in their own homes for longer, and ease the workload on specialist nursing staff.  Clou now exists as a fully functioning prototype and is already in use in a number of residential buildings.