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Explore the possibilities of visual computing with us!

From prototypes to small series

Fraunhofer IGD, with facilities in Darmstadt, Rostock, and Kiel, excels with outstanding software solutions for visual computing, a computer science discipline that deals with images and 3D models.

We transform information into images and images into information. The keywords here include human-computer interactions, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, interactive simulation, modeling, and 3D printing and scanning.

We design new technological applications and prototypes for Industry 4.0, digital health, and “smart cities.”   

With activities that extend all the way to creating prototypes and producing small series, we develop and optimize technologies, processes, and products for you. Our contract research activities and innovations cover the entire range of visual computing competencies. In particular, Fraunhofer IGD leverages its major innovative visualization and simulation capabilities to support small and midsized companies that lack their own R&D departments.

Facts & Figures


Darmstadt   134
Rostock/Kiel   98

Research funding volume

Contracted research with total funding of €22 million:

47%   German federal government and states

53%   industry and publicly funded research projects


Facilities in



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Part of the Fraunhofer Society

We devote ourselves to applied research. This includes working with companies to transform original ideas into innovations – to benefit society and strengthen the economies of Germany and Europe.

Our staff shapes the future: in demanding roles within our own organization and elsewhere in science and industry. The Fraunhofer Society attaches top priority to promoting and developing their professional and personal skills and abilities.

International Network

  • Eight autonomous Fraunhofer centers outside Germany
  • Active work with partners in approximately 80 countries
  • Representative offices and senior advisors worldwide serve as links to local markets

What defines us

Our value proposition to you is based on three core values:



Our collaboration with others is characterized by honesty, fairness, and integrity.


We are the best in our branch of industry.


Our success is based on our knowledge and our enthusiasm for applied research.

Our locations



Main facility
Fraunhoferstrasse 5
64283 Darmstadt


Rostock Südstadt facility
Joachim-Jungius-Strasse 11
18059 Rostock

Standort OTC-Basecamp
Alter Hafen Süd 6
18069 Rostock




Kieler Innovations- und Technologiezentrum
Schauenburgerstrasse 116
24118 Kiel

The Fraunhofer model: a German success story

The globally leading organization for application-oriented research:

  • The Fraunhofer Society, based in Germany, is the world’s foremost organization for application-oriented research.
  • 76 institutes and research facilities
  • 30,000 employees
  • Research funding volume: €2.9 billion, of which €2.5 billion goes into contract research
  • Fraunhofer generates over 70% of this volume with orders from industry and publicly funded research projects.
  • Nearly 30% is contributed by the German federal government and states.