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Fraunhofer IGD has been setting standards in visual computing for over 30 years. We accomplish this with a unique range of skills and technologies that we can flexibly combine to suit your particular needs and wishes.

Visual computing is image- and model-based information processing that blends computer graphics and computer vision. Put simply, it describes the ability to turn information into images and extract information from pictures. It is the basis of all the technological solutions used by Fraunhofer IGD and its partners.

Computer graphics involves processing and editing images, graphics, and multidimensional models with the aid of computers. Examples are virtual and simulated reality applications.

Computer vision is about teaching computers to “see.” A machine uses a camera to scan its surroundings and then processes the information with software. Examples include augmented reality.


Learn about the projects that we have already successfully carried out in your industry technologies we can also support you with.

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For you, we improve existing technologies and processes up to the production of optimized prototypes and products. Our projects and innovations cover all application-relevant fields of competence in visual computing. For small and medium-sized enterprises without their own R&D department as well as for corporations, Fraunhofer IGD provides important innovative know-how around the topics visualization and simulation.



This year the European Biometrics Industry Award goes to Fadi Boutros from Fraunhofer IGD

Press releases


Collaboratively Mastering Challenges in the Cultural Sector with Digital Twins

The cultural sector is facing a variety of challenges: financial bottlenecks, declining visitor numbers and the costly preservation of valuable cultural assets.
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Generation of training data made easy

Systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) require training data – this is an essential prerequisite for their success. But users in the manufacturing industry face challenges for quickly obtaining sufficient quantities of it. Fraunhofer IGD is therefore working with synthetically generated training data. This approach is letting its researchers meet the prerequisites for machine learning and automated inspection of components faster, more simply, and more cost-effectively.
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AI-based process control, suitable even for smaller batch sizes

In the automotive sector, in plant construction and in tool manufacture, it is essential to have effective quality assurance measures in place – errors that occur during production are too costly to tolerate.
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Making better data-based decisions

Vital data, imaging results and information about lifestyle: Comprehensive patient data is already available to healthcare professionals, but not always in a readily usable form. Fraunhofer IGD has set itself the target of making this data optimally available for the support of medical decision-making and also for the involvement of patients in their own treatment. At the DMEA in Berlin (9th - 11th April 2024), the Fraunhofer research team will be showcasing two new solutions, firstly a visual-interactive tool for cohort analysis in research, and secondly a Parkinson’s monitor which helps doctors and patients to better understand the course of the disease.
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Control illuminates all aspects in theory and presents the current world range of usable technologies, processes, products and system solutions for industrial quality assurance in practice.
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Biometrics Week

Once again, Fraunhofer IGD is co-organizer of the the Darmstadt Biometrics Week. At a series of events, internationally leading research groups, companies and authorities will meet from September 18-22, 2023 to learn about and discuss innovations and developments in the field of biometrics.
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