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Fraunhofer IGD has been setting standards in visual computing for over 30 years. We accomplish this with a unique range of skills and technologies that we can flexibly combine to suit your particular needs and wishes.

Visual computing is image- and model-based information processing that blends computer graphics and computer vision. Put simply, it describes the ability to turn information into images and extract information from pictures. It is the basis of all the technological solutions used by Fraunhofer IGD and its partners.

Computer graphics involves processing and editing images, graphics, and multidimensional models with the aid of computers. Examples are virtual and simulated reality applications.

Computer vision is about teaching computers to “see.” A machine uses a camera to scan its surroundings and then processes the information with software. Examples include augmented reality.

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We develop and optimize technologies, processes, and products for you, in addition to producing prototypes and small series. Our commissioned research activities and innovations encompass a full range of visual computing capabilities relevant to applications. Especially for small and midsized companies that lack their own R&D departments, Fraunhofer IGD provides a full range of vital innovative capabilities around visualization and simulation.



This year the European Biometrics Industry Award goes to Fadi Boutros from Fraunhofer IGD

Press releases


New software from Fraunhofer IGD accelerates and enhances sorting processes

The solution is right there in front of your eyes! ARRANGE software in combination with augmented reality (AR) glasses provides digital support for sorting processes. Employees on the production line see components that belong together overlaid in color directly in their field of vision. The innovative solution from Fraunhofer IGD is helping users in the automotive sector to reduce costs by accelerating processes and minimizing error rates.
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Fraunhofer IGD incorporates “UXO Garden” into Digital Ocean Lab

Clearing the seabed of unexploded ordnance has become a political imperative. The focus is on the development of efficient systems for the detection of ammunition and explosives dumped in the oceans.
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Cases no longer slip through the net: New app by Fraunhofer IGD detects heart disease earlier

The 24-hour ECG as a standard method of diagnosing heart disease can miss any irregularities that occur with lesser frequency. For sufferers, this often results in a lengthy odyssey until they finally obtain a proper diagnosis and are put on a suitable course of treatment. A team of researchers at Fraunhofer IGD in Rostock is seeking to plug this gap in diagnostics. The Guardio® health app enables users to perform multichannel ECGs without electrodes being attached to their skin and to detect heart disease much earlier than with conventional methods.
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Fraunhofer IGD uses augmented reality to visualize Corvey monastery in its original state

The history of the monastery at Corvey can be traced back over a period of 1,200 years, and the old walls of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are still a hive of activity today. Fraunhofer IGD has developed an AR (augmented reality) app to show what it looked like when originally constructed.
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NAFEMS World Congress

The NAFEMS World Congress 2023 in Tampa, Florida, USA, will bring the global engineering simulation community back together again in person, from 15-18 May. We'll be pushing the technology forward creating a cross-industry, cross-technology exchange of ideas, best practice, and information like never before, whilst getting down to the business of what we all strive for; making simulation ever better and ever more accessible.
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Control illuminates all aspects in theory and presents the current world range of usable technologies, processes, products and system solutions for industrial quality assurance in practice.
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We look forward to welcoming you to the DMEA 2023 - Europe's leading event for Digital Health - from 25 to 27 April 2023 in the Berlin exhibition halls.
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HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and hot spot for industrial transformation - with excellent innovations or unusual products. Here you will find all the facts that make one thing even clearer: participation is an absolute "must"!
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