Maritime Economy

Working For You: in, at, and on the Water

We develop smart applications and systems for companies of the blue (maritime) economy and their suppliers. Our focuses are offshore energy, shipbuilding and ship operation, aquaculture, and protecting the marine environment.

Thanks to our maritime digitalization competence, we’re able to offer companies considerable benefits in terms of efficiency and quality in global markets. We help them achieve their maritime sustainability targets while complying with legal requirements and taking advantage of opportunities to adopt new business models. Our joint projects also help them protect and sustainably use the Earth’s seas within the scope of their value chains.

Large Projects and Networks


The Ocean Technology Campus in Rostock

Our Ocean Technology Campus is devoted to enabling more sustainable use of the oceans – at one of Germany’s most tradition-steeped maritime locations, namely Rostock.


Collaboration across different fields of technology is key for developing novel solutions with practical advantages for use in shallow waters and the deep sea. For this reason, the institutes of the Fraunhofer Society have bundled their knowledge and abilities to forge innovative technologies, such as underwater vehicles and stationary observation stations for aquaculture facilities and systems for detecting old munitions on the seafloor.



The Munitect network is a group of companies and research facilities that have joined forces to develop cost-effective munitions detection systems for underwater use.



Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) enable safer, more efficient diving operations for inspecting underwater structures or completely replacing them.