Symposium  /  July 17, 2023, 13:00-18:00 Uhr

MED²ICIN Symposium 2023 at the University in Frankfurt

The right prevention, diagnosis and therapy at the click of a mouse: This is the vision of the Fraunhofer lead project "MED²ICIN". The development of a digital patient model will create the basis for personalized and cost-optimized treatment in healthcare.

Seven Fraunhofer institutes have joined forces in an interdisciplinary research network as part of "MED²ICIN" to create the conditions for more effective prevention, diagnosis, therapy and care with the help of technology-driven innovations. In a digital patient model, patient data are compared with each other and matched with parameters from population studies and data of specific disease patterns. Taking clinical guidelines and health economic aspects into account, a holistic, digital patient model is created - a digital twin. The prototype is already being tested at Frankfurt University Hospital.