Automotive industry


Accelerated and more precise sorting processes with AR

The ARRANGE software package has been designed to provide support for sorting processes using augmented reality.


Rapid interactive structural analysis

RISTRA is a software for high-performance structural analysis based on the finite element method.


VR training within a safe virtual reality environment

Machine@Hand 2.0 smooths your entry into the world of virtual training.


Centralized monitoring and controlling solution for production plants

Plant@Hand3D is a graphical, centralized monitoring and controlling solution for production plants.


Interactive visualization in product development

PAVED: Pareto Front Visualization for Engineering Design.


Cost-effective assembly monitoring

Marquis supports production workers and takes advantage of AI to simplify quality control



Control centers for health management

Health@Hand is a visual control center to be used at nursing homes or hospitals.


Optical vital data analysis through simple cameras

With CareCam, optical vital data analysis is made possible by simple cameras.


Capacitive sensors in furniture for health monitoring

Furniture with sensors that detect movement without even making contact can help monitor health.


Cuttlefish: Eye®: Fully digital 3D-printed prosthetic eye

3D printing is set to replace the purely manual production of prosthetic eyes, heralding a revolution in this specialist field.


Optical medication control

Most medication errors occur not in emergency situations, but during the execution of routine clinical tasks.


Location-independent vein function measurement

Venous diseases not only cause suffering for the affected individuals, but also significant costs for the economy.  

Bioeconomics and infrastructure


Planning tools for fiber optic roll-out

Fibre3D allows planners to immerse themselves in a three-dimensional world.


Smarticipate platform

Urban planning in the age of the “Smart City” holds out the prospect of success if all stakeholders are involved in a digital and uncomplicated way.