Fraunhofer IGD spin-off Threedy secures seed funding

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Threedy is a spin-off from Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Darmstadt, Germany. It has now raised early-stage venture capital to commercialize its instant3Dhub platform. This platform primarily supports visualization, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, and will initially serve companies in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries, as well as users of building information modeling (BIM) solutions. The investment is led by the Industrial Technologies fund of btov Partners, in association with High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Fraunhofer.

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instant3Dhub is easily connected to existing PLM systems and leverages 3D data of any size and any format on any device within any applications.

(Darmstadt) Threedy’s instant3Dhub proprietary platform for high-performance visual computing enables customers to leverage 3D data of any volume or format on any device for a variety of applications. Building upon extensive Fraunhofer IGD research, the team of four company founders has successfully demonstrated a broad variety of use cases in manufacturing.

instant3Dhub can be easily integrated into existing PLM systems. It offers a wide range of features, e.g., for distributed collaboration in engineering processes, for VR and AR on assembly lines and in repair shops, for tracking moving objects using 3D models, and for offline operation of applications when stable online connections cannot be guaranteed. Leading German automotive OEMs already utilize Threedy’s flexible platform, and there is an attractive pipeline of new projects and use cases for 2021.

Growing customer base and use cases

At Threedy, the team is excited to be founding a full-fledged company, developing the business, and exploring new use cases in collaboration with their customers. Christian Stein, CEO of Threedy, highlights: “instant3Dhub allows our customers to exploit the full potential of their 3D data, across all application and device classes – and to directly integrate those data with business or sensor data for digital twin scenarios.”

The team decided to seek venture capital to fulfill their ambition to commercialize the platform in the mid-term, and to expand the product offering. New use cases range from simple 3D apps for dynamic processes to sophisticated expert tools – from minimum viable product (MVP) to production with a single flexible and scalable solution.

Moreover, there is a need to establish a sales organization to serve the growing customer base and to address emerging opportunities for technology partnerships and value-added resellers. “Building upon established cloud infrastructures, instant3Dhub delivers a unique user experience and can perform a wide range of visual computing tasks,” explains Johannes Behr, Head of Products at Threedy.

On the part of the investors

“We are proud to be supporting Threedy’s commercial journey from the outset. Christian and his team have done a great job during the spin-off process and were able to develop significant new sales opportunities in recent months," says Robert Gallenberger, a partner at the btov Industrial Technologies Fund. “Threedy offers an enabling technology for use cases and business models that require visualization and rendering of large 3D models on devices not originally built for demanding design applications.”

“instant3Dhub technology is a gem just waiting to be polished. We are pleased to be spinning off Threedy at this juncture, and to be co-investing with btov and HTGF to jointly scale up this already successful research venture to the next level of commercialization,” states Dr. Matthias Unbescheiden, Deputy Director of Fraunhofer IGD.

Gregor Haidl, Investment Manager at HTGF, is excited: “Threedy will transform the way industrial customers visualize and work with 3D data in the future. Threedy’s visualization platform enables the device-independent integration of 3D data across the entire value chain, from R&D to after-sales. It is also a potential game changer for virtual and augmented reality in industrial applications.”