Visual control centers for health management

Health@Hand is a visual control center to be used at nursing homes or hospitals. Health and administrative data are visualized on a virtual image of the real ward.

Progressive digitization also changes the working conditions in the healthcare sector. Complex amounts of data must be managed efficiently in order to identify critical situations at an early stage and assess their urgency. Here, Health@Hand serves as a supportive tool for the decision-makers on site, be it the senior physician, head nurse, nursing staff or controller. Information is summarized and visually processed so that multi-layered contexts can be comprehended faster.

Immediately detect malfunctions and thus intervene at an early stage

The control station analyzes the available data in several stages. Key figures for the entire ward can either be displayed in full or viewed in detail - for example, for individual rooms or over a selected period of time. The aim is to simplify the monitoring of a ward, to detect faults immediately and thus to be able to intervene at an early stage. The Health@Hand technology is mobile and web-enabled. Using mobile devices such as tablets, staff can access the data from the control center from anywhere and exchange it interactively with each other.


The advantages at a glance

  • Visualization and management platform for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Mapping and fast access to patient medical data and findings
  • Support for early detection of anomalies
  • Locate equipment, physicians, patients
  • Occupancy and cleaning status of operating theaters or laboratories
  • Visual support for process optimization

The user interface

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