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  • Enhanced quayside safety in the handling of timber shipments / 2023

    Fraunhofer IGD and Rostock Fracht- und Fischereihafen GmbH develop acoustic warning system for loading operations

    January 17, 2023

    Fraunhofer IGD has developed a system for enhanced safety during loading operations in industrial ports. A warning signal informs the port authority in real time if elements of the cargo fall into the water during loading and thus pose a potential risk to other users of the shipping channel.

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  • Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry / 2022

    New software from Fraunhofer IGD accelerates and enhances sorting processes

    Press release / November 24, 2022

    The solution is right there in front of your eyes! ARRANGE software in combination with augmented reality (AR) glasses provides digital support for sorting processes. Employees on the production line see components that belong together overlaid in color directly in their field of vision. The innovative solution from Fraunhofer IGD is helping users in the automotive sector to reduce costs by accelerating processes and minimizing error rates.

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  • The 24-hour ECG as a standard method of diagnosing heart disease can miss any irregularities that occur with lesser frequency. For sufferers, this often results in a lengthy odyssey until they finally obtain a proper diagnosis and are put on a suitable course of treatment. A team of researchers at Fraunhofer IGD in Rostock is seeking to plug this gap in diagnostics. The Guardio® health app enables users to perform multichannel ECGs without electrodes being attached to their skin and to detect heart disease much earlier than with conventional methods.

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  • Innovation in 3D printing / 2022

    Fraunhofer IGD develops new process for the avoidance of stair-step artifacts

    Press release / July 28, 2022

    Scientists at Fraunhofer IGD have devised a purely geometric and algorithmic method for the elimination of stair-step artifacts in multi-material 3D printing. To avoid quantization errors, the surface of the object is modulated with a high-frequency signal. This results in geometrically accurate and color-true surfaces.

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  • Software package as personal health assistant / 2022

    Health advice from your work computer

    Press release / March 24, 2022

    At DMEA, Fraunhofer IGD will be showcasing a software package that serves as a personal health assistant to office staff who spend their working day sitting at a computer. The only extra feature required is a standard webcam.

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