Optical medication control


Most medication errors occur not in emergency situations, but during the execution of routine clinical tasks. Optical medication control supports smaller stations, care facilities, and pharmacies in dispensing and administering medications through a small, integrable system, for example, in medication carts.

Mobile system integrated into medication carts for optical medication control.

Supporting medical professionals

Nursing staff is often under stress and time pressure. Nurses and nursing assistants are responsible for dispensing and administering medications. They are obligated to verify the accuracy of medications before dispensing them. Optical medication control assists in this task and helps prevent errors due to oversight.

Our system consists of a camera for capturing solid medications and AI-based software for analyzing the contents of medication containers (such as pill organizers).

medXam workflow

Utilizing medXam

The healthcare professional places the prepared medication container (dosett) on the designated area and scans the QR code on the back of the dosett to access the medication plan.

Then, the dosett is flipped over, and the contents are automatically captured, triggering the medication analysis.

Using the AI-based software, the different compartments of the dosett are recognized, and each medication is identified based on its shape and color, and compared with the medication plan.

Incorrectly placed medications are detected, highlighted in color, and accompanied by an error description. It also identifies missing or excessive medications. Medications that do not match the medication plan are also reported.

With this information, the healthcare professional can correct the medication and ensure the safe administration of medications to the patients.

Further information

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