Cohort analysis

By providing medical researchers with customized tools for visual analysis, we are helping them to significantly accelerate the identification, evaluation and refinement of cohorts

Fraunhofer IGD develops tools for its clinical partners enabling them to perform visual-interactive data analysis for the development of patient cohorts. These cohorts then become the basis for studies and for translation into guidelines for the personalized treatment of patients.


Cohort analysis serves as the basis for personalized medicine. The search for relevant similarities between patients is based on the linkage of current treatment decisions with comparable cases in the past. Cohort analysis thus not only helps in the design of patient studies, but is particularly helpful in the rapid discovery of new correlations.


Role of Fraunhofer IGD

With the help of our customized visual analysis tools, users can immediately see whether the group forms a promising cohort and how it can be refined. Patient groups are repeatedly compiled according to specific symptoms, treatments and outcomes and automatically tested for significant correlations. The previously time-consuming identification, refinement and comparison of cohorts is simplified to the point where it can be performed with the simple click of a mouse. Fraunhofer IGD develops tools for visual-interactive data analysis in close cooperation with users. In this way, for example, new scoring schemes can also be adapted and tested.



We show results from research projects in nephrology and in the field of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. The flexible combination of visual and analytical methods also supports medical research with omics data conducted by our partners in immune-mediated diseases.

Our visualization was developed in collaboration with physicians from the University Hospital Frankfurt and the Aschaffenburg-Alzenau Clinic with the ultimate aim of ensuring that patients with chronic kidney disease receive optimal treatment. Patients are grouped into cohorts based on their characteristics, previous illnesses and blood readings. The user can employ his or her expert knowledge to vary the weighting of individual criteria in order to configure the data individually.
Our visualization was developed in partnership with physicians from the University Hospital Frankfurt specifically for cohorts with IBD (chronic inflammatory bowel disease). The software supports processes that could previously only be carried out manually. In les than a minute, medical professionals can now compile a cohort of patients with similar symptoms to the focus patient and use this as a basis for a specific examination, for scientific publication or for selection for clinical studies.

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Healthcare industry

We offer services to organizations active in the provision of medical care, i.e., in the healthcare, assisted living and related industries.

Our digital solutions enable the personalization of medicine for individual patients. Throughout the development and evaluation of our technologies, we take into account patient privacy, data protection, reliable diagnostics, and thorough, consistent documentation.