Competitive advantage for vendors of CAD and CAE software: RISTRA accelerates simulations

Speed is a major consideration in computer-aided engineering (CAE). But simulations of mechanical structures within the scope of product development work are very time-consuming. In response, Fraunhofer IGD has created RISTRA, an interactive software solution that executes calculations on graphics processing units (GPUs) for faster results.

Simulations provide insights into component strength, and into the loads exerted by external forces. Numerical simulations require the creation of high-resolution grids comprising a value for each position within a given geometry. The greater the resolution, the more computing power is required to solve the corresponding system of linear equations.

Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis (RISTRA) is an interactive simulation solution from Fraunhofer IGD based on specially developed algorithms that are executed on a graphics card using optimized data structures. This allows faster solving of linear equations and implementation of matrices, with an increase in speed compared with conventional CPU-based simulations of up to two orders of magnitude—while maintaining low power consumption.

There is a further time saving for the graphical presentation of results. Simulation results that deliver insights into potential improvements can be visualized directly by the graphics card without the need for additional transfer of data.

In particular, RISTRA generates value added for end users when deployed together with a powerful CAD or CAE system. Vendors who incorporate RISTRA into their software solutions stand to gain significant competitive advantage—as their customers will be in a position to accelerate their product development activities.


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