Interactive visualization in product development

PAVED: Pareto Front Visualization for Engineering Design

In product development, manufacturing and logistics, it is often not possible to optimize all target variables equally. However, those responsible can be supported in weighing different options against each other, in finding the best compromise more quickly in the case of conflicting criteria and in communicating this transparently - if they use an interactive visualization.

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What requirements must the electric motor meet? Are there negligible parameters to save costs? A tidy visualization helps communication between designers, constructors and customers.

Developing products is becoming increasingly demanding, because quality requirements are rising and criteria such as sustainability and energy efficiency have to be taken into account. Often, in multidimensional, complex problems, no solution exists in which all target variables achieve their best value equally. Instead, there are a number of so-called Pareto-optimal states: one characteristic cannot be further improved without worsening one or more others. Visualization software can make visible how all parameters and features of the planned product interact in a complex way.


Transparent and easy-to-understand comparisons

In close cooperation with the Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM), Fraunhofer IGD has developed the interactive tool PAVED (Pareto Front Visualization for Engineering Design). It effectively visualizes correlations between individual criteria and thus provides a reliable basis for decision-making: How could an alternative variant of a product be designed? Transparent and easy-to-understand comparisons also make it easier to coordinate with customers. Visualization thus accelerates the entire product development process.

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