Matrix organizational structure of Fraunhofer IGD

We help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

Problem analysis

To identify opportunities to make improvements, we analyze existing processes and business systems by systematically combing, aggregating, combining, and linking available data and data sources.

To achieve meaningful results, we attach importance to optimal data management as well as efficient data storage and processing while applying a combination of automated analytics and visualization.

Big data, machine learning, and AI methods are leveraged to give clients deep insights into their data and the correlations inherent in heterogeneous data.

Designing software and hardware systems

Based on a detailed analysis of requirements, we take a user-centered, agile, iterative approach for designing software and hardware systems that are tailored to each client’s unique needs for visualizing complex data.

After identifying appropriate technical components and methods, these are applied to define targets for new systems and present suggestions for improving existing ones.

Our goals are optimal usability, user-centered design (HCI, UI), efficiency, and novel functionalities. We ensure them for our clients by applying appropriate industry standard software design methodologies, development environments, and testing methods.

Prototype development

The outcome of our work doesn’t have to be limited to a concept paper. It can also include developing a robust prototype with sufficient scope to allow testing of all required attributes.

Prototyping is performed iteratively while intensively sharing information with the client, in order to quickly and efficiently coordinate major design decisions and consistently steer developments toward the goals in each case.

We rapidly construct prototypes for testing and validation to determine feasibility and benefits, contribute to minimizing risks, and make decisions on actual implementation.

Implementation of visually interactive systems

A customized solution and/or prototypes are developed into an operational, ready-to-use system with replicable software and hardware.

Across the steps of hardware/software integration, testing, and rollout, these solutions are implemented in such a way that they can be optimally integrated into the client’s existing system environment.

In addition to support during the introduction phase, software solutions are also available to purchase or license. They also include ongoing support.

DIN EN ISO-certified software development processes are also available on request.

Analysis and design (usability and feasibility)

  • Feasibility and other studies
  • Development of concepts (technological, social, organizational)
  • Analyses and evaluations (e.g., of information processes in production)
  • Requirements analyses
  • Use cases (utilization scenarios)
  • Counseling
  • Technical advice

Development (software solutions)

  • Software solutions (demonstrators, prototypes, products)
  • Software development processes
  • Links to corporate data
  • Adaptation of software solutions (demonstrator -> solution)
  • UI design
  • Usability

Aftersales (licensing, maintenance)

  • Licensing agreements
  • Training, instruction
  • Support (maintenance, bug fixing, further development)
  • Evaluation
  • Updates and upgrades

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