Tuesday, 3. August 2021 - 10:00

Cinema-ready level of performance from Stratasys and Cuttlefish®


To animate the characters’ facial expressions in Missing Link, LAIKA used a number of Stratasys J750 3D printers, in conjunction with the Cuttlefish® 3D-printer driver, to create 106,000 highly detailed color 3D faces.

Animation studio and Stratasys customer LAIKA has already recognized the advantage of both technologies. For the stop-motion movie Missing Link, more than 106,000 facial expressions were 3D printed with Cuttlefish®. The biggest challenge was that the creation of lifelike models required many different color gradations – each shade had to match exactly that of the preceding image. Brian McLean, Director of Rapid Prototype at LAIKA: “We’ve been using 3D printers in stop-motion productions since Coraline, the first movie made at LAIKA. For our latest movie, Missing Link, we used Fraunhofer IGD technologies because they allow for unique color consistency and geometric accuracy. By combining the Cuttlefish® software with the Stratasys J750 series 3D printers, we were able to create the most complex color 3D printed surfaces ever produced.” The result was indeed impressive and has been rewarded accordingly: in 2020, Missing Link won a Golden Globe® in the Best Animated Feature category.