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Schufrin, Marija; Sessler, David; Reynolds, Steven Lamarr; Ahmad, Salmah; Mertz, Tobias; Kohlhammer, Jörn

Information Visualization Interface on Home Router Traffic Data for Laypersons


Proceedings of the Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces AVI 2020

International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI) <2020, online>

With the aim to increase the awareness of the everyday internet user for the own home network traffic, we present two interactive visualization interfaces for visual exploration of home router traffic records. Thereby we differentiate between users with a present intrinsic motivation for the topic and those with absent intrinsic motivation. Therefore, gamification in the first interface is used to maintain motivation of the first type of user, while the storytelling concept based on the hero's journey in the second interface aims at increasing the perceived incentives for the second user group.

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Ahmad, Salmah; Kuijper, Arjan [1. Gutachten]; Schufrin, Marija [2. Gutachten]

A Design Study on the Joy of Use in Information Visualization for Cybersecurity Analysis for Home Users


Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2019

In today's society, most people are connected to the internet at least once a day, while the overall awareness for cyber security is still low. Especially average users without much expertise in IT can find it hard to connect to the domain of cyber security. This thesis takes the approach of Joy of Use to increase engagement and enjoyment for users. For this, several concepts relating to Joy of Use are described and aspects of Joy of Use are compiled. On the basis of an existing information visualization interface for the exploration of network traffic for home users, this thesis examines which strategy can best increase the Joy of Use. To work on closing the gap between home user and the domain of cyber security, three concepts are developed on top of the existing interface. These concepts utilize Joy of Use methods to increase enjoyment of a user. A preliminary online study is conducted to characterize the target user. This helps in developing the concepts while keeping the target user's needs in mind. Each of these concepts focuses on a strategy to increase Joy of Use in relation to finding unsecure connections in one's own network traffic. They are then used to develop prototypes to evaluate in a design study. The design study is conducted as an on-site user study where participants have to evaluate their emotional state and the perceived Joy of Use after using each prototype. The results are statistically evaluated. This thesis concludes that utilizing Joy of Use techniques in presenting abstruse topics can help home users to gain awareness and initiative in learning about cyber security.