Use of our simulation software to speed up design processes in the conceptual phase (structural optimization of crash behavior)

Building upon research experience in simulation and optimization, scientists from Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) and Fraunhofer IGD worked together on development of interactive engineering systems to shape the future of the industrial design process. This fruitful collaboration was established in 2019 and resulted in a CAE tool, taking advantage of Fraunhofer’s computationally-efficient GPU-based interactive simulation software, RISTRA (Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis), to effectively utilize innovative preference-based optimization technologies from HRI-EU. We strongly believe that such systems will be an essential part of the future development process in industry, allowing for a seamless human-machine collaboration. The current project developments open the perspective for a joint future research, which can potentially involve utilization of Fraunhofer’s advanced visualization, nonlinear simulation, and multi-material 3D-printing technologies, as well as geometric deep learning methods from HRI-EU, to bring the CAE systems to the new levels of creativity.