PaEGIE is an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary joint project receiving input from partners at TU Darmstadt, namely Professor Michèle Knodt (Institute of Political Science; FB 2) and Professor Hans Joachim Linke (Institute of Geodesy; FB 13), and Dr. Eva Klein at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD. Their brief is to develop a digital planning process that enables the interactive participation of citizens in sustainable mobility planning, with the ultimate aim of increasing the acceptance of energy policy solutions in the transport sector. The basis for the project is a representative survey of residents in selected neighborhoods in Darmstadt. Subsequently, a web tool for the participatory planning of mobility concepts will be developed and tested by involving local residents in citizen workshops at an early stage. The web tool offers the general public digital access to a 3D city model, which they can use interactively to make suggestions for improving transportation infrastructure.

The surveys already conducted are currently being evaluated. The current 3D city model is displayed in the web tool and e-charging stations can be interactively placed and discussed by users of the platform.


Bioeconomics and infrastructure

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