CO-VERSATILE: Adaptive and resilient production and supply chain methods and solutions for urgent need of vitalmedical supplies and equipment

The ambition of the CO-VERSATILE project is to gather and make available through a dedicated platform and ecosystem a critical mass of competences, technologies and services to allow the European Manufacturing industry to rapidly re-orient and repurpose its production capacity to meet the urgent and sudden needs coming from drastic changes in the market such as the ones brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be based upon the generalization, multiplication and replication of technologies and services that will be adapted and integrated within 7 Manufacturing Settings.

Also, the project has the ambition to set up a Digital Technopole that will enable manufacturing firms across Europe to democratically and effectively tackle their digital and production transformation through the support of DIHs. The Digital Technopole will be the single-entry point to access 5 groups of services and technologies to support the manufacturing companies in adapting and repurposing their production lines and supply chains, namely: Manufacturing simulation (HPC/Cloud-Based/-GPU-accelerated), Supply Network Simulation and Risk Management, Automation and System Integration, Certification and Training services, Replication and Sustainability services.

The Digital Technopole will combine physical and digital services, elaborated either by consortium members or third parties and it will support (among others) remote communications and cloud/HPC solutions through multiple business models depending on the characteristics of the solutions and the individual requirements of the manufacturing SMEs. This flexibility strives to lower the barriers for manufacturing SMEs and significantly accelerate their response to the emerging new situations. The Digital Technopole will adapt and extend the Digital Agora (from CloudiFacturing project) as its baseline solution.


Europe's manufacturing rapid responsiveness for vital medical equipment