Interactive visual support for decision-making based on analysis of large heterogeneous data sets

Experiencing maritime research through interactive forms of presentation

Research at your fingertips

Experiencing research through interactive forms of presentation

Oceans are sensitive and - compared to other areas of the earth - relatively little researched ecosystems.
For example, we know less about the deep sea than we do about the moon. Because of their great importance for the ecological balance and as an economic area, the oceans are increasingly coming into the focus of science.
Scientists should and would like to show the results, but in the project context there is often not enough time.

Fraunhofer IGD's visualisation solutions help to make these research results accessible not only to the scientific community, for science, but also for a broader public. visible to a broader public.


We develop interactive web-based applications for the uniform presentation of your research data:

  • For trade fairs and exhibitions
  • For museums
  • For scientific presentations to the public

Our expertise lies in the preparation of large heterogeneous amounts of data, as well as the target-group and application-related explanation of research results.

From a wide range of presentation forms, a suitable presentation form and the optimal presentation medium can be selected for each application.


We make research data tangible as:

  • (real-time capable) dashboards for measurement data
  • Storylines to convey context
  • Multivariate maps with histories and current data
  • Quizzes, 3D puzzles and active games for young people
  • VR glasses experience
  • Hololense augmented reality and virtual apps etc.


Our services

  • Individual implementation of your research results for interactive use
  • Consultancy services to assess the usability of the available data according to your objectives
  • Modelling and, if necessary, inclusion of new data for the visualisation concept
  • Creation of the concept for fairs according to research pipelines
  • Support of your research project until the end of the project


Contact us, we will take care of the processing of the data for the general public:

  • Technical support / service
  • Online / offline applications
  • Offline provision
  • Maintenance of existing applications, service package
  • Management systems for new data packages
  • Implementation of multiple languages
  • Simultaneous implementation for mobile phone, tablet, browser (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Tutorials for independent maintenance