General terms and conditions of participation in free events

1. Registration

Upon registration, the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions. In all cases, event registration shall be in written form via the registration function on the corresponding website, and shall include all mandatory information. The event organizer will confirm the registration at the latest after the registration deadline, except where such confirmation has been excluded. The contract comes into effect upon receipt of confirmation, or where confirmation was excluded, upon registration. If a registration cannot be accepted, the event organizer will inform the registered or registering person accordingly.

Registering after the registration deadline has elapsed may be possible if spaces are still available. To inquire, please contact

2. Terms of payment

Not applicable, as the event is free of charge.

3. Withdrawal / notification of withdrawal

The contractual partner, i.e., registered person, can withdraw from the contract by notifying the event organizer of their withdrawal in writing by e-mailing by the registration deadline at the latest. The time/date of receipt of the withdrawal notification by the event organizer shall apply.

4. Cancellation of events

The event organizer reserves the right to cancel events, in particular, without limitation, in the case of an insufficient number of registrations. In this instance, the contractual partner shall have no claim to compensation or damages. This also applies in the case of cancellation at short notice or where advance notification of participants is no longer possible. The organizer reserves the right to cancel events where there is good cause.

5. Change of speakers

Insofar as the overall character and quality of the event is not significantly and adversely affected, a change of speaker(s) or changes to the schedule do not entitle the participants to withdraw from the contract. The organizer reserves the right to cancel events where there is good cause.

6. Exclusion from participation

The event organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from further participation in special cases (e.g., disruption to the event or to its organization).

7. Liability

Liability on the part of the event organizer for damages the participant incurs for any legal reason – including delayed performance, impossibility of performance, poor performance, and non-contractual (criminal) liability – is hereby excluded, except where damages were the result of gross negligence or of intent on the part of the event organizer. The event organizer is not liable for any damages caused by viruses (malware) on copied data storage media. Data storage media brought by participants may not be used on our computers, or data transferred to our computers. Should the event organizer incur damages due to a violation of this provision, the event organizer reserves the right to bring claims for damages. 

8. Data protection, privacy and storage

Within the scope of event registration, certain mandatory data must be provided beyond the scope of the Fraunhofer IGD Data Protection Information (points 2b and 3). This includes

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additional mandatory data are specifically identified as such (using an * for example). In addition, registering persons are often invited to provide additional information voluntarily.

The voluntary provision of additional data enables Fraunhofer IGD to plan and organize the events according to participants’ interests and ages.

The data is processed in response to your request. According to Article 6, paragraph 1, page 1, point b GDPR, data processing is necessary to perform the contract and to take steps prior to entering into the contract.

The participant(s) agree that a list of participants, including their first and last names and company, may be provided to event speakers and participants. This is conducted within the legal framework of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Further information is available at Fraunhofer IGD will not publish your personal data nor pass your personal data on to third parties without your express authorization. You can view and update your personal data, with a time delay, at

For virtual event formats, extended data protection terms and conditions apply. You can find these here:

Fraunhofer IGD Data Protection Information

9. Supplementary agreements

Supplementary agreements shall only be valid where made in writing.

10. Applicable law

The contractual relationship and its execution are governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

11. Photo credits

Photographs and videos may be taken during the event for documentation and post-event reporting purposes. By registering, the contractual partner agrees that photographs, videos and other recordings taken of them during the event may be used for these purposes without any claim to compensation.

(Last updated: October 16, 2020)