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Ferreira, Stephanie; Stork, André [1. Gutachten]; Weber, Daniel [2. Gutachten]

Interactive Plastic Deformation Simulation for Editing Surface and Tetrahedral Meshes


Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2018

In this thesis a physically based approach for editing surface and tetrahedral meshes is implementedand evaluated. Therefore an existing framework for the simulation of elasticity with the finite elementmethod and implicit time integration is enhanced by adding plasticity. The to be edited object mesh,given as surface or tetrahedral mesh, is deformed by coupling it to a coarser simulation mesh on whichthe simulation of elasto-plastic deformation is performed. As plastic deformation is not reversed, a newrest state is obtained by applying forces to the simulation mesh. The method is benchmarked with amedical model of a human consisting of sub-meshes depicting bones and muscles.