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Kluge, Sven; Gladisch, Stefan; Lukas, Uwe von; Staadt, Oliver; Tominski, Christian

Virtual Lenses as Embodied Tools for Immersive Analytics


Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realität

Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe VR/AR: Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realität <17, 2020, online>

Interactive lenses are useful tools for supporting the analysis of data in differentways. Most existing lenses are designed for 2D visualization and are operated using standardmouse and keyboard interaction. On the other hand, research on virtual lenses for novel3D immersive visualization environments is scarce. Our work aims to narrow this gap inthe literature. We focus particularly on the interaction with lenses. Inspired by naturalinteraction with magnifying glasses in the real world, our lenses are designed as graspabletools that can be created and removed as needed, manipulated and parameterized dependingon the task, and even combined to flexibly create new views on the data. We implementedour ideas in a system for the visual analysis of 3D sonar data. Informal user feedback frommore than 100 people suggests that the designed lens interaction is easy to use for the taskof finding a hidden wreck in sonar data.

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Kluge, Sven; Gladisch, Stefan

Visualisierung einer komplexen Offshore-Konverterplattform in interaktiven Frameraten


Go-3D 2017: Mit 3D Richtung Maritim 4.0

Go-3D <8, 2017, Rostock, Germany>

Die Visualisierung von 3D-CAD Daten in der maritimen Industrie ist sinnvoll, um die Prozesse in den späten Phasen des Produktlebenszyklus, wie z. B. Training oder Nachrüstung, zu unterstützen. Eine wesentliche Herausforderung ist die Visualisierung sehr großer Datensätze in interaktiven Frameraten. In diesem Artikel werden laufende Arbeiten des Fraunhofer IGD im Rahmen des Projekts OWS - Offshore Wind Solutions1 vorgestellt, welche das Ziel haben, eine komplexe Offshore-Konverterplattform so zu visualisieren, dass interaktive Schulungen am virtuellen Produkt realisiert werden können. Es wird gezeigt, wie dieses Ziel durch effektive Reduktion der Renderinglast mittels Culling, Level of Detail und Renderingbudgetierung über die Zeit erreicht werden kann.

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Ruth, Thomas; Audersch, Stefan; Kluge, Sven; Lukas, Uwe von

From Sensor to Situational Awareness


OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey

MTS/IEEE Oceans Conference and Exhibition (OCEANS) <2016, Monterey, CA, USA>

This paper describes the integrated FlexMoT data management and visualization software system for marine sensor data. Unlike most existing solutions this software platform is designed to be neither data-centric nor visualization-centric, but seamlessly integrating both, management and visualization of measurement data. Within the project FlexMoT (Flexible Monitoring Tool) a modular, easy-to-use and fast deployable environmental monitoring solution with a high temporal and depth resolution for underwater environments has been developed. This monitoring system was designed for the use in the underwater surrounding of offshore installations like oil rigs or gas production platforms and other critical and sensitive marine environments. It enables the exact measurement of concentration of dissolved gases such as methane in water and other environmental parameters that may be indicators of leakages. The FlexMoT software stack offers situational awareness and advanced decision support in environmental monitoring by organizing, preparing and presenting the gathered sensor data in a way that (1) operator personnel of offshore installations and marine researchers can draw the right conclusions and (2) appropriate actions can be initiated swiftly and well-informed. Similar to the modular hardware approach, the software uses a plugin approach to foster the simple reconfiguration to different use-cases. The designed visualization system utilizes human perception to transform lots of data quickly and intuitively into helpful information, to draw attention to critical events or striking data and support explorative data analysis with interactive displays. The implemented visualization solution combines recent webtechnologies and linked interactive 2D and 3D data presentations utilizing a direct-touch interaction metaphor. In this paper, we present the complete software stack of FlexMoT for data management, operational near real-time monitoring, visual data analytics of marine environmental data and visual forecast of gas leakage situations. It is proposed as a universal approach to improve visualization-based work with heterogeneous sensor data in environmental monitoring and marine research.