Urban planning is becoming more and more complex -- but IT tools can help. Find out in our podcast how useful 3D web visualization is not only for urban planners but also for residents.

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As part of INWASA, a cloud-based platform is being developed that uses interactive simulations for in situ decision-making support for flooding scenarios. By combining GPU-based real-time simulations with web-based geodata visualization, flooding scenarios and water flow can be simulated. Watch this demonstration video to learn more about the uses and benefits of the software.

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GeoRocket -- our software for handling your geodata. This free, open-source platform stays highly responsive even when dealing with large quantities of data and simultaneous queries. Microservices dynamically scale the required performance to varying factors, such as the volume of data being transferred or the number of users and ongoing processes. Even real-time searches for geodata or, e.g., attributes, layers and assigned tags are executed in a flash thanks to the targeted output of data in response to the search query. And the real showstopper is that, while the geodata is stored in its original format, GeoRocket automatically merges the files for as long as you are using them.

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Police operation planning

Have you ever wondered how a police operation is planned? We were given the chance to go behind the scenes at the police headquarters of South Hessen┬żand we gave them the same chance. 3D web visualization is highly useful for improving the planning of upcoming operations: unfamiliar towns or blocks can be studied in advance, sight lines and obstacles visually represented, and the shadows cast by buildings or trees computed based on the position of the sun.

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The Spatial Information Management Competence Center is developing an interactive, 3D web application for the project that residents and local government can use to exchange and discuss their ideas for the future growth of their towns. The diverse geodata will be harmonized, processed and integrated, then output into an interactive visualization environment.

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