Training in augmented reality

Machine maintenance is complicated because the machines all have different designs and often are only produced in small numbers. With AR, you can practice operating and repairing machines in a cost-effective way.

Maintenance support for production systems

We are developing software to support the operation, maintenance and, in particular, troubleshooting of line-based production systems in an industry 4.0 environment.

Operating manuals

With superimposed augemented reality displays, users can intuitively follow technical information to operate and service a wide range of equipment.

Assembly training for the automotive industry

Virtual models provide practical alternatives to training on the real thing.

AR for medical intervention

Aside from surgical robots, ORs have other modern developments, such as AR glasses that assist surgeons with important information during operations.

Virtual urban planning

Communication between urban planners and residents often prove to be difficult. A virtual walk through the planned projects can help them learn from each other.