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12. - 15.11.2018 (All day)

Visual cohort analysis

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One basic concept of personalizing medicine is the analysis of patient data by forming cohorts. Cohorts generally describe patient groups with relevant commonalities. Fraunhofer IGD is developing tools for interactive data analysis in close consultation with clinical users. They compile a patient group and, with the help of custom visual analysis tools, see immediately whether a cohort is promising and how that cohort can be refined.

Digital control station

Health@Hand is a visual control station for use in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Medical and administrative data is visualized in a virtual representation of the real ward. Health@Hand acts as a support tool for decision-makers on site, summarizing and visually processing information about the ward so multilayered relationships can be understood more quickly.

The control station analyzes the available data in several stages. Operating figures for the entire ward can be displayed all at once or in detail, for example, for single rooms or over a given period. The goal is to simplify ward monitoring, immediately detect disruptions and, thus, be able to intervene in time. The Health@Hand technology is also mobile and web-capable. Staff can use mobile devices, such as tablets, to access and interactively exchange control station data from anywhere.

Augmented reality in the OR


AR-SPECTRA is specialized in the design and supply of medical Augmented Reality technology. It enables surgeons to achieve a higher precision and time-efficiency in their practice. AR-SPECTRA glasses can be connected to the various medical devices to further improve their advantages.

An in-sight view instead of the remote classic display of the data and information significantly improves the focus and concentration of the physician on the surgical wound.

Surgical procedures are recorded from the point of view of the surgeons. Mobile technology allows remote follow-up of the practices for assistance and educational purposes.

In-sight visualization of fluorophores offers the most natural and direct guidance in fluorescence-based surgeries.

The products will be on display for demonstration, with onsite experts to answer any additional questions.