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1. - 05.04.2019 (All day)

Plant@Hand3D: 3D visual control station for production

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Plant@Hand3D brings all key production information together – all participants can thus obtain an overview at all times. Decision-making is simplified.

The visual control center of Plant@Hand3D integrates various production planning and control information (ERP, MES, BDE, ECMS, etc.) in a 3D model of the real production environment, providing intuitive access to all key production data.

Intuitive multitouch interaction supports the use of these data. A large multitouch table serves as a central planning and control environment. From here, all data can be accessed, orders can be rescheduled, and service missions can be triggered. The connection of external displays (large monitors, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches) enables a wide range of collaboration possibilities. In this way, Plant@Hand3D offers innovative access to the production data with numerous expansion and deployment options.

RISTRA compresses minutes of simulation time to seconds

Imagine waiting only 45 seconds instead of 60 minutes for your simulation result. We make this possible with our fast GPU structural mechanics solver RISTRA (Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis). Watch live how RISTRA simulates and evaluates the high-dimensional parameter space of a parameterized mechanical part. This will give you an idea of how RISTRA can accelerate your design and engineering process and serve as the basis for component optimization.