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13. - 16.11.2018 (All day)

Stability simulation for 3D printing

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Fraunhofer IGD has developed a demonstrator for interactively modeling and simulating multi-material components for 3D printing. The motivation is to interactively and efficiently define material properties (e.g., density or rigidity) in a volumetric model to achieve the desired physical properties (e.g., flexibility or deformation under force). For validation, the behavior of the part with the defined properties can be simulated in seconds using the interactive, GPU-based structural mechanics solution developed by IET.

While several tools exist for attributing material properties (in most cases specifically materials), establishing a volumetric definition of the values within the part or defining continuous transitions between properties/materials involves substantial effort/complications (if even at all possible).

The approach to representing volumetric and locally varying properties developed by Fraunhofer IGD is based on subdivision and makes it possible to easily define/modify properties to a few degrees of freedom (control points). This produces continuous transitions between the values set at the control points on and within the part.

If the results of the simulation are satisfactory, the model¾given graded material properties--is discretized in collaboration with the 3DT department and printed using a polyjet method.

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Multimaterial Sketching