Optical test benches – fully automatic inspection processes for every company

Assuring automotive quality with AR

Our AR technologies enable automated inspections of assembled automotive components.

Automated fish-stock monitoring

Our image recognition algorithms serve to identify diseased fish in aquacultures at an early stage.

Is that reflective clothing still fit for purpose?

Safety first: A few seconds are all it takes for our algorithms to check if high-visibility clothing still serves its purpose after cleaning.

Fully functional airbags guaranteed

100% – that’s the error detection rate of this self-learning algorithm for final visual inspection of mass-manufactured airbag generators.

Higher quality through applied research

Detecting fake passport photos

Legislators want passport photos to be taken by issuing authorities only, one reason being face morphing. Our researchers have tools to detect fakes.

Construction progress monitoring with building information modeling (BIM)

Stakeholders can use our software to create ad hoc documentation to track progress and compare it to forecasts.

Monitoring solution for plant control stations

Our system visualizes your production line in a unified way that is easy to understand.