Nutritious matters

What does visual computing have to do with food? Not much at first glance. However, if you take a closer look at the modern process chains in food production, one thing is clear right away: Intelligent machines support humans in every step of food production, form the sowing of seeds to the packaging of foods bound for the supermarket.

Telemetry for agriculture, forestry, and the fishing industry

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DataBio is sponsored by the EU program Horizon2020 (no. 732064). The project is part of the BDV PPP initiative (Big Data Value Public Private Partnership).

The Geoinformation Management department of Fraunhofer IGD is working on processing large volumes of geodata in the context of various projects. In agriculture, too, large amounts of heterogeneous data are produced through the constant observation of geological systems and the earth overall. Farmers plan their crops in advance to maximize benefits from factors such as soil conditions, land use, and weather. This is better than ever with telemetry, but too much data is lost in practice. To structure and analyze this data is a matter for experts. Fraunhofer IGD, therefore, participates in the EU project DataBIO, which aims to make big data accessible to agriculture, forestry, and the fishing industry.

More information about our research as part of the DataBIO project

Official project website of DataBIO

Optical quality inspections

As popular in mass production as in the cafeteria
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Automatic recognition of the food options in a cafeteria

Optical product detection is a common way to ensure quality. We support the food industry on a large and a small scale: Large industrial partners rely on our sensor systems, which detect defects or deviations of the product or the packaging entirely automatically, so the consumer receives qualitatively perfect food. And even in our own cafeteria, research does not stop: Students are working on an automatic recognition device that identifies the food on a cafeteria tray.