Golden globe winning 3D printing

Stop motion films still exist - but instead of dough, the LAIKA film studio relies on 3D-printed faces. Our Cuttlefish software ensures that every colour sits true to detail.

Maritime 4.0

Maritime 4.0 refers to the consistent application of digitization in all phases of life of a ship or a marine engineering construction.

AI for Health Care

Artificial intelligence. We use it in personalized medicine to identify the prevention or therapy with the highest probability of success for each individual.

Face morphing

One passport, multiple identities -- What’s it all about and how can our research help uncover these attacks?

Quality assurance

Visual Computing and its sub-disciplines contribute to checking minimum requirements and ensuring quality in various industries.

Virtual learning world

Education and training in virtual or augmented reality - no longer a dream of the future. Learn more about our range of virtual learning worlds.

Production & Industry

Automated production is a core concept behind ​​Industry 4.0. Whether machine learning, human-machine interaction, interactive simulation, or production planning – visual computing is of help.

Smart City

Darmstadt is a Digital Stadt! No wonder, since we organize international city planners and citizens to smarticipate together.