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3D Scan and Print

3D printing has arrived in everyday life and we are constantly improving the software – translucencies are printable now, for example. Meanwhile, the Cultlab3D scan line has been setting new standards.

Maritime 4.0

Maritime 4.0 refers to the consistent application of digitization in all phases of life of a ship or a marine engineering construction.

AI for Health Care

In the digital revolution, hardly any technology plays such a driving role as artificial intelligence. We use it in personalized medicine to identify the prevention or therapy with the highest probability of success for each individual.

Facial Recognition

Whether for monitoring train stations, unlocking smartphones, or passport controls, biometric features are increasingly gaining significance in our everyday lives. The best-known biometric methods include fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition.

Food Industry

How can food be produced sustainably, cost-effectively, and safely? We optimize processes and develop new solutions – from seed to distribution.


More than 450 scientists are currently working in Darmstadt on topics of cybersecurity research. Their activities fall under the umbrella of CRISP, the Center for Research in Security and Privacy.

Production & Industry

Automated production is a core concept behind ​​Industry 4.0. Whether machine learning, human-machine interaction, interactive simulation, or production planning – learn more about what we have to offer.

Smart City

Darmstadt is a Digital Stadt! No wonder, since we organize international city planners and citizens to smarticipate together.