Visual Computing supports doctors and medical professionals in their work during the corona pandemic - for the treatment of affected patients as well as for the protection of the population from a SARS Cov-2 infection.

Underwater research

We are driving forward underwater research - with the aim of acting as sustainably as possible.

AI for Health Care

Artificial intelligence. We use it in personalized medicine to identify the prevention or therapy with the highest probability of success for each individual.

Face morphing

One passport, multiple identities -- What’s it all about and how can our research help uncover these attacks?

Quality assurance

Visual Computing and its sub-disciplines contribute to checking minimum requirements and ensuring quality in various industries.

Virtual learning world

Education and training in virtual or augmented reality - no longer a dream of the future. Learn more about our range of virtual learning worlds.

Corporate health management

We develop solutions for an increased quality of life in the workplace - physically and mentally.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a hot topic at the moment. In spring 2021, the first commercially viable quantum computer went into operation in Germany – a collaborative venture between IBM and Fraunhofer.