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Any Device

The dynamic configuration and negotiation of data and level of distribution allows complex use cases to be implemented efficiently. The API reflects the original structures and allows the data to be addressed in full complexity.

Any Data

This adaptive solution automatically detects end device classes and equally supports web and native applications for VR/AR, touch and desktop systems.

Any Size

Its intelligent spatial caching architecture allows it to use any volume of data with all central basic visual computing services. Computing is easily distributed between end device and infrastructure depending on the scenario.

Any Time - instantly

Following the guidelines of responsive design and progressive enhancement, the focus lies on maximum interactivity and instant feedback. Instead of long wait times, the user gets initial results in an instant, such as for a visualization query, which are then finalized in minimum time.

Shared sessions

Starting with version 2.14 instant3Dhub provides sharing and collaboration capabilities for multi user sessions. Based on a new service, different users and/or devices spread over the world are able to view and collaborate with the same data instantly. A session is shared by simply sending a link or scanning the QR-code instant3Dhub generates. Shared Sessions also provide a rich API to enable application developers to easily distribute their application data.

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Massive CAD data visualization on the HoloLens

No Massive Data on the HoloLens without simplification? Doch! We are extending the existing instant3Dhub/naVis tech stack with a new C++/DX11 backend to enable massive CAD data on the MS HoloLens. We use a set of hybrid rendering techniques to calculate and stream visible elements to the client. The decoupled client synthesises new frames with a controlled triangle budget to maximize the end user experience. The scalable solution adapts to different network bandwidth situations and allows to render models of any size without any simplification on the HoloLens.

Massive cloudpoints

instant3Dhub's rendering technology has been extended to support the visualization of massive point cloud data. With the general ability of combining data from different sources, point cloud data can easily be mixed with massive CAD data enabling a huge variety of applications like retrofit, comparison methods or working with 3D scanning data.

Dataset: Pergamon Altar, Courtesy to CULTLAB3D


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Remote culling

Remote Culling facilitates the visualization of the most complex model data on even low performaning devices. Using a server-side visibility computation only the actually visible geometry parts are loaded and rendered by the clients.