• Press release / Tuesday, 24. September 2019 - 10:00

    Combatting stress with a headband

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    A headband measures the physical signs of stress and can be used in occupational health management.

    New, objective measuring method for occupational health management - see it live at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf.

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  • News / Thursday, 19. September 2019 - 8:30

    Fabricating Beauty: The Art and Science of Graphical 3D Printing

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    3D printing is no longer just a niche technology. Whether spare parts on a train, refrigerator magnets of a person’s likeness or entire movies¾it seems nothing is impossible anymore. What the next steps are likely to be will be explored by Dr. Philipp Urban at the “Printing for Fabrication” conference.

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  • News / Thursday, 12. September 2019 - 10:00

    Special exhibit “Java Gold”: digitization with CultArm3D-P

    © CES / 3D-model: Fraunhofer IGD

    The golden earring in form of a mythological demon (found in Java, ca. 14.-15. century AD) was digitized by Fraunhofer IGD.

    In August, our experts from the Cultural Heritage Digitization Competence Center spent a week in Mannheim color-scanning gold jewelry (from the 7th to 15th centuries) from the Reiss Engelhorn Museum (rem) in three dimensions using the autonomous CultArm3D-P scanning system.

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  • Press release / Thursday, 29. August 2019 - 12:45

    IAA 2019: Smart servicing with VR/AR

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    Photo (M): Finding defective parts on a car with a glance at a tabletthis is possible with the AR technology by Fraunhofer IGD, presented at IAA 2019.

    Through real-time comparison with the vehicle’s CAD data and the fully automatic access to important information it brings, mechanics can find defective parts even more quickly.

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  • Press release / Thursday, 22. August 2019 - 10:00

    Fibre3D: visual support for fibre-optic expansion

    © Deutsche Telekom/Fraunhofer IGD

    Photo (M): Fibre3D interactive visualization tool by Fraunhofer IGD facilitates the planning and approval process for Deutsche Telekom’s fiber-optic network expansion.

    Two million households are slated to enjoy faster online speeds by 2021 thanks to fiber-optic Internet. Fraunhofer IGD’s visualization tool, Fibre3D, is making the necessary network planning for Deutsche Telekom easier.

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  • Press release / Friday, 9. August 2019 - 14:00

    Official kick-off of major technology research project in Baltic Sea

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    Image (M): The new offshore infrastructure of the Digital Ocean Lab (DOL) allows underwater technology to be developed and tested under real ocean conditions. Various underwater testing areas are planned that will cover the entire spectrum of underwater applications

    The first step on the path toward the Ocean Technology Campus in Rostock.

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  • Press release / Thursday, 25. July 2019 - 8:45

    Exhibits archived by visitors

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    The CultArm3D-P autonomously digitizes objects.

    A new exposition concept lets visitors to the State Museum of Baden hold the exhibits in their own hands and digitize them with the help of Fraunhofer IGD. 

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