• News / Tuesday, 12. February 2019 - 12:15

    Field research

    © InnoVisions

    Fraunhofer IGD is primarily working on methods and concepts for cloud computing and big data to accelerate the storage, processing and visualization of spatial databases--some of which are markedly differentiated--as well as make them easier to use and facilitate the interpretation of data correlations.

    In the EU-project DataBio, Fraunhofer IGD is working on technical infrastructure to optimize agriculture.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 12. February 2019 - 9:30

    “Ask yourself!”

    © Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V.

    The slogan of this year’s “Jugend forscht” regional competition is “Ask Yourself!” Look for the answers to your questions yourself and show what you can do.

    Kick-off to the 54th annual “Jugend forscht” youth science competition.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 5. February 2019 - 10:00

    Routine use of AR for industry 4.0 or digital twins

    © Fraunhofer IGD / Siemens AG

    Image (M): Intuitive access to product data from a digital twin thanks to augmented reality.

    The latest versions of instant3Dhub and VisionLib can now be used to run cloud-based augmented reality applications (“software as a service”).

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  • News / Monday, 21. January 2019 - 14:00

    We need your help!

    © Alexander Klink

    We’re looking for photos of the three bronze reliefs from the Darmstadt Waldfriedhof cemetery that were stolen just before Christmas 2017.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 15. January 2019 - 10:00

    Stable tracking for industrial AR solutions with VisionLib

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    Photo: Stable tracking is required for industrial AR applications. Tracking makes it possible to precisely determine the position of objects in a camera image.

    Seed round for Visometry – Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the HTGF are taking a stake in the AR startup Visometry GmbH, a spinoff of Fraunhofer IGD.

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  • News / Monday, 10. December 2018 - 10:00

    The latest generation of simulation

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    With the latest generation of simulation software, engineers can see whether a specific part will do what it’s supposed to even before it’s manufactured.

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  • News / Thursday, 29. November 2018 - 9:45

    Future of Maritime Economy

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    At the 8th Future Conference of the Maritime Economy, Prof. Uwe Freiherr von Lukas called on all maritime stakeholders to actively take part in major projects like OTC and MarDS.

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  • News / Friday, 23. November 2018 - 14:15

    Blue Economy Call 2018

    © Mark Doherty - Fotolia

    The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund is calling stakeholders of the maritime sector to submit their projects for the European funding program. – Professor Uwe Freiherr von Lukas was on the panel as an independent consultant.

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