• News / Friday, 17. April 2020 - 17:30

    COVID-19: R&D at Fraunhofer IGD

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    For many years now, Fraunhofer IGD has developed software solutions that help health professionals and others in the healthcare sector. These include data analysis tools for population studies as well as for forming and comparing patient cohorts. The institute also focuses on the analysis of medical imaging data for extracting biomarkers. Lastly, the visual presentation of data and analytical results also play an important role in our work.

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  • © Deutschland Abgelichtet Medienproduktion

    The area all around the onshore control center for this new underwater testing ground will become the “Ocean Technology Campus”, located at the Rostock Freight and Fishing Port and offering a productive environment where high-tech maritime solutions can be developed and tested

    Things are happening at Rostock’s fishing port: Standard Aggregatebau Evers GmbH & Co. KG (SAB) in Bramow has constructed a new office building at the edge of the wharf and have just started work on a new, approx. 4,100 m² multipurpose building. What’s special about this new building is that SAB isn’t building it just for its own purposes, it’s also taking the first players of the Ocean Technology Campus (OTC) under its wing.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 3. March 2020 - 9:45

    Machine learning improves underwater visibility in real time

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    Fraunhofer IGD is developing underwater image enhancement methods based on artificial intelligence.

    Fraunhofer IGD is developing special image processing methods based on artificial intelligence to instantly improve visibility under water.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 25. February 2020 - 9:30

    Automated quality control makes high-vis clothing safer

    © Fraunhofer IGD/MEWA Textil-Service AG

    Automated optical quality control ensures to a greater degree and with greater precision that the high-vis clothing meets strict safety standards even after being washed.

    High-visibility or “high-vis” clothing provides many people safety in their day-to-day work. Fraunhofer IGD has paired with textile service provider MEWA to develop an automated system for inspecting the quality of this clothing faster and more reliably. Both companies have filed a joint patent for the system.

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  • News / Tuesday, 11. February 2020 - 10:15

    Ambient intelligence - practical research at Fraunhofer IGD

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    Conducting applied research while also going to school: The Interactive Graphics Systems Group at TU Darmstadt makes it possible. The lecture “Ambient Intelligence” is held in close cooperation with Fraunhofer IGD.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 4. February 2020 - 10:00

    Will a film using Darmstadt technology win an Oscar?

    © LAIKA

    Mister Link’s different faces and emotions were 3D-printed with the patented Cuttlefish technology of Fraunhofer IGD.

    A research group at Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt is following this year’s Oscars with particular interest: “Missing Link” has been nominated for Best Animated Film, in which every single facial expression was 3D-printed with the Cuttlefish software developed in Darmstadt.

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  • Press release / Tuesday, 10. December 2019 - 10:00

    3D printer driver Cuttlefish by Fraunhofer now available for Mimaki printers

    © Fraunhofer IGD

    Partially translucent 3D anatomical models printed on the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 using Fraunhofer’s 3D printer driver Cuttlefish.

    The 3D printer driver Cuttlefish by Fraunhofer IGD has had yet another rollout - now, more users than ever before can benefit from the functions of the universal printer driver.

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