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Learning with Virtual Reality

Virtual training worlds in the training of paramedics - a perfect complement.

Everything okay?

Quality control with visual computing helps to ensure minimum requirements and quality in various industries.

How machines learn the art of self-improvement

Imagine the following scenario: In every system it makes, a company installs a sensor unit that is able to analyze data and recognize anomalies.

More than just coworking

Fraunhofer IGD integrates its compression and visualization services into the BIMSWARM software platform.

Industrial 3D scanning

Whether for quality assurance, reverse engineering or for the online catalogue - 3D scans have become an integral part of the process chains of the manufacturing industry.

MED²ICIN lighthouse project

300,000 people in Germany suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. However, it is often difficult to find the right medication at the first attempt.

The virtual patient

Digital Twin in the industry? Yes. But also in healthcare?

The charged man

Imagine that your office chair notices when you are sitting in an awkward position or tells you via app that it is time to get up for a moment... Sounds futuristic?

Medical imaging

Speed - especially the early detection of anomalies - is often life-saving in medicine. Medical image data are also used beyond the field of diagnostics.

Smart rollator walker for post-operative care

The autonomous robotic rollator RoRo is used in hospitals and nursing homes to analyze the individual gait pattern of the patients.

Fiber-optic broadband in Germany

The broadband expansion is a mammoth task. Many households here are waiting impatiently for the connection to the network of the future. Both planning phases and economic issues are possible obstacles here.

More data for a better harvest

Huge fields and new satellite images every couple of days -- that means vast volumes of data. Farmers need systems that enable them to analyze this information at high speed.

Visualizations for efficient urban planning

Planners, architects, politicians, residents - all have different ideas about the construction of a new district. Once a design is finished, it must be communicated transparently.

Smart Homes - all bells and whistles, no added value?

Will my Smart Home still be usable if the Internet goes down? We clarify.

A new approach to urban living

Cheap, attractive and social - this is how most people want their living environment to be. In Halle, people now trust the latest smart living concepts that can increase the quality of life in an entire neighbourhood with little effort.

A new era of cybersecurity

CRISP becomes ATHENE: the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE (the German name for the Greek goddess Athena).

Privacy issues with Big Data and vulnerabilities in biometrics

Being online means being in danger.


In the development of future-oriented marine technology, one research discipline alone quickly reaches its limits. This is why 13 Fraunhofer institutes have joined forces.

Digital technologies as submarine eyes and ears

We have been developing pioneering digital underwater technologies for years. Two examples.

Underwater technologies

Fish and co. must be protected, but human intervention in the oceans is increasing. This balancing act between use and protection can only be mastered with research and development of new technologies.

Underwater testing for subsea tech

The underwater test field in the Baltic Sea - "Digital Ocean Lab" (DOL) - aims to close the gap in terms of realistic test possibilities for new underwater technologies from 2020.

Our year 2019 as a PDF download

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