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Interactive simulation

How about waiting 45 seconds for a simulation result instead of 60 minutes? Find out!

Shaping the future with Fraunhofer

Project manager Alexander Krause from JHT GmbH on predictive maintenance and the benefits of AR in plant operation.

Big Data: Agriculture's second harvest

Precision farming - how does moderen agriculture work?

Moviestar from Darmstadt - the 3D printer driver Cuttlefish

Fancy a movie? Then don't miss Laika's stop motion productions.

Deep dive research: underwater

We like deep diving - and have ambitious plans in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Harnessing artificial intelligence for smart, personalized healthcare

Personalized medicine has long since ceased to be a dream of the future - find out what contribution we make to it.

Artificial intelligence in medicine: time for a checkup

Artificial intelligence in medicine is often viewed with suspicion. We clear up the most common prejudices!

Digital revolution

Preserving cultural heritage is key to the future - our 3D scanning technologies make a decisive contribution to mass digitization.

Smart cities - smart technologies

Our solutions for a digital city benefit not only citizens of Graz, but even the Hessian police in their mission planning.

Augmented Reality as a Service

Fast, precise and usable for everyone - AR applications in industrial use.

Fraunhofer means (starting a) business

Dr. Max Limper and his Fraunhofer colleagues found the "Darmstadt Graphics Group".

New vulnerabilities, new solutions

Cybersecurity as the basis for ever-greater digitization.

Home sweet smart home? We asked our expert

Department head Florian Kirchbuchner on data sovereignty, networked devices (also at home) and future research projects.

Face morphing: a new threat?

One passport, multiple identities - learn more about the latest fraud at border controls in this article.