Our year 2020

Whether in fiber optic expansion or in care, digitization is creating new potential for all industries.

Our Year 2019

New perspectives in virtual space thanks to visual computing - whether in education, urban planning or medicine.

Our year 2018

Germany and artificial intelligence? If you give credence to the pessimists, the USA and China are way ahead of us. But it is not that simple - learn more in our annual report 2018.

Anniversary year 2017

A proud look back, full strength ahead: What has moved us over the past 30 years? What will our technologies look like in the future?

Annual report 2016

Man as the focus of digitization - find out what positive effects industry 4.0 has on working life.

Annual report 2015

How does digitalization affect factories and clinics? Answers can be found in our Annual Report 2015.

Annual report 2014

"Cuttlefish printed bust of Nefertiti" - sounds like a fairy tale to you? Then browse through our annual report and convince yourself of our 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies.

Annual report 2013

How can cultural artefacts be preserved despite war, fire and earthquakes? A digital reconstruction is essential.