Spatial information management

While charting new lands, many an explorer may have already conceived of big data before it was ever a concept. Geodata is indispensable in many fields of application -- we help tame it.

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring allows numerous processes to be evaluated more effectively. Whether logistics, agriculture or police operations -- a bird’s-eye view can be revealing. Microservices make it possible to construct flexible, scalable and application-oriented solutions.

Web visualization

Interactive visualization for 3D planning and communication makes the work process easier is many areas of application.

Digital city

A digital city is more than just a concept. A digital city is the smart home for its residents, the interaction between man and technology, the acceleration of the ordinary and the deceleration of everyday life.

Agriculture, forestry, fishery

Visual Computing and nutrition? We are not yet able to program food - but we can support its production.

Smart Living

Smart living

Smart living uses a variety of technologies and methods to create an environment that helps its residents tackle everyday tasks. Desires and needs are dynamically recognized so the systems can respond appropriately.

Living Lab

The Fraunhofer IGD Living Lab was established in 2008 as a showroom and test environment for ambient intelligence and assisted living applications. It has already been mentioned in numerous articles, TV documentaries and scientific publications.