AR in the OR

With 3D-ARILE we develop a new Augmented Reality-System. HMD glasses can support the surgeon during the operation by means of intraoperative visualization, e.g. during the removal of lymph nodes.

Our Podcast

See in this episode how 3D-ARILE works in the actual application. Dr. Ingo Stoffels from the University Hospital Essen has already operated with 3D-ARILE and reports on the advantages the technology offers him as a doctor.

Diagnosis & prevention

A precise diagnosis is extremely important for both doctor and patient to guarantee the success of the therapy. The physician uses sensor technology for the examination and feeds the results into the database. But also an adapted prevention program leads to relief.


The personalized therapy approach combines classical methods of image processing with our visual computing solutions, which provide individual data about each patient in real time - from blood collection to surgery.


Healthcare costs can be reduced, especially through more effective aftercare. The feel-good factor of humans increases within their own four walls. Our aim is therefore to create smart living concepts that range from wearables to intelligent living environments.

Medical Imaging

With our innovative concepts we want to support doctors in their work. Augmented Reality in the operating room - this is not a dream of the future, but our state-of-the-art technology.


Data analysis tools for population studies, analysis of medical image data and much more: We support the health sector with projects that are quickly ready for action in the pandemic.

AI for Health Care

Artificial intelligence: We use it in personalized medicine to identify the prevention or therapy with the highest probability of success for each individual.

Ambient Assisted Living

Intelligent furniture can save the lives of older citizens. But there is also a growing interest in health monitoring in the home to relieve the burden on hospitals and enable patients to recover more quickly.

Visual control center

Health@Hand is a visual control station for use in nursing homes or hospitals. Health and administrative data are visualized on a virtual image of the real ward.

Range of users

Our wide range of developments accommodates a large number of users:

  •  Hospitals
  •  Provider of medical technology
  •  Pharmaceutical companies
  •  Provider in the wellness area
  •  Health insurance companies

Reference projects