Did you ever dream about your apartment following your every command and doing whatever you like without having to lift a finger, like in a science-fiction movie? About your work place thinking with you and helping you not to forget anything important? About your doctor looking after you on a daily basis as a follow-up without having to physically go to his practice?

Whatever was still fiction yesterday, will become reality as soon as tomorrow. With our applied research in visual computing, structured by our lead topics, we set sustainable trends in this regard.

Digitized Work

Man in Industrie 4.0

In Industrie 4.0, modern internet technologies join forces with classic industrial production technologies across companies. A significant part of the enormous potential of Industrie 4.0 is cyber-physical equivalence, the coupling of data from the virtual and the real world. With visual computing methods, real environments, such as products and production processes, can be recorded and integrated into virtual worlds, such as 3D models and production planning.

Individual Health

Digital solutions for the healthcare industry

Every patient comes with a different medical history and responds differently to the medication administered. This is where »Personalized Medicine« comes into play. On the road to personalized medicine, the healthcare system must be completely modified. Part of the technological base is provided by visual computing. At Fraunhofer IGD, we assist this transition from classic to personalized medicine.

Smart City

Innovative, digital and sustainable

Comprehensive design concepts are used to make the cities of the future more efficient, more technologically advanced, greener, and more socially inclusive. These concepts are summarized under the title »Smart City«. These solutions target all areas of urban living.

VCaaS: Visual Computing as a Service

The platform for applied visual computing

If value chains change toward the digital world, suitable IT platforms are required to facilitate these changes. Our researchers at Fraunhofer IGD are working on developments tailored to specific applications. In the future, we will also provide our customers with the basic technologies we develop via a cloud-ready platform to allow them to design numerous other solutions.