The Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD is the internationally leading organization for applied research in Visual Computing. Our mission is to keep humans well enabled in mastering the ever-increasing complexity of computer systems and volume of data in the age of digitization. To this end, we are leveraging and constantly advancing our sophisticated Visual Computing technologies for the benefit of the individual, our society and our economy.

Visual Computing – a guiding technology in the age of digitization

Visual Computing is the synergy of computer graphics and computer vision, where (on the one hand) information is extracted from images or video sequences and (on the other hand) computer models are used to generate images on computer screens. Applications of Visual Computing range from digital work spaces in the industrial internet over individualized healthcare to intelligent cities – the three lead topics of our institute.

Visual Computing – a driver for innovation in society, economy and industry

Digitization has become a central topic entering all areas of business and the daily life of individuals.

Visual Computing is a core technology in this field putting humans in the focus by helping them to easier comprehend complex processes and to take better decisions with interactive visualizations.

We implement Visual Computing as a service platform that opens up possibilities for new business models including the use of our services via cloud infrastructures.

Our customers implement our know-how and research results into solutions which visualize, for instance, huge 3D data sets interactively in web browsers, literally independent of size.

These and other results of our excellent research do not only benefit large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises, local communities and public authorities.

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