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Berndt, Olaf; Lukas, Uwe von; Kuijper, Arjan

Functional Modelling and Simulation of Overall System Ship - Virtual Methods for Engineering and Commissioning in Shipbuilding


ECMS 2015

European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS) <29, 2015, Albena/Varna Bulgaria>

Shipbuilding industry is undergoing a change, in which many European shipyards focus on special purpose vessels. This field of shipbuilding places very high demands on engineering, commissioning and operation of the vessels. To support these fields of activity with virtual methods an innovative approach is introduced which strengthens the shipbuilding process by using a uniform common model of the overall system ship. The model is steadily increasing and gets more detailed through the phases of the shipbuilding. The presented approach fills the gap in the virtual support of the complete shipbuilding process, taking into account the specific structural needs - short time, high cost pressure and high quality demands.


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Berndt, Olaf; Huber, Linda

Visualisation of Physical Simulation using Javascript Physics Engine with X3DOM


The 29th Annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference 2015

Annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM) <29, 2015, Leicester, UK>

In order to visualise the results of a physical simulation and the effect on the related 30 geometry so far only the simulation tools themselves could be applied. A web based application, though, could provide a powerful alternative for an efficient and realistic visualisation of data enabling users to edit the data and to share their results with customers. In the course of the project physical modelling and Simulation with Open Modelica was coupled with a rigid body simulation via the Java Script physics engine Arnmo.js and an X3DOM-based 30 graphical modelling and visualisation. Now it is possible to start and edit physical simulations as well as to view the effect of changes on the behavior of the system in the web-based 3D model.