Provisions for an emergency

A smart home environment makes everyday life easier for many--it can also save lives in an emergency. We have developed CapFloor to detect falls and, when connected to other smart objects, do things like call emergency services, notify family and open the front door.


ACTIVAGE - Funding Smart Living in Europe with IoT technologies (e.g.. over 50,000 connected devices) in 14 Deployment Sites in seven European countries that involve ca. 10,000 users.

universAAL – The EU project universAAL is tearing down barriers in the development and use of AAL solutions, and supports innovative ideas and products in this field.

HIS: Home Interaction Service – User-friendly, everyday solutions for seniors to interact within their own four walls make it possible to communicate with friends and relatives as well as interactively use lights, heating, etc.

DHC – The Digital Health Companion project is a startup initiative funded by the German federal government’s research transfer program to use smartwatches to develop an automated health assistant.

DiaTrace – By using pattern recognition methods, it is possible to use signals from sensors on the body to identify the duration and type of activity as well as the quality of resting periods or sleep.

The watch of tomorrow

Smart Living affects more than our furniture--even our watches are reinventing themselves and providing helpful assistance for healthy everyday living as wearables.